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Smoke-free Policy

Kilmainhamwood GFC is committed to reducing the use of tobacco and its harmful health effects by adopting the GAA's Smoke-free policy.

To protect the health of all individuals involved with the club by keeping them safe from all tobacco related harm.

Kilmainhamwood GFC recognises that tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke is severely harmful to health, in particular to the health of children. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. The policy will help change social norms around tobacco use, encourage people to consider quitting and reduce the initiation of smoking amongst young people.

The club has therefore imposed a smoke-free policy that will apply to internal and external areas including

  • Playing pitches, (including Astro-Turf )  

  • Club and social meeting rooms

  • Changing rooms

  • Toilets

  • Near open windows

  • Near entrances and exits of buildings & facilities

This policy applies to all members, officials, coaches, players, parents, visitors and volunteers. We believe that we are setting a positive example for the community with genuine concern for everyone's health.

This policy will commence on the 16/09/2018

Enforcement and non-compliance:
The club will use No-Smoking signs both internally and externally to promote the smoke-free policy. Committee members will monitor compliance in the club grounds.
The following strategy will apply, if anyone breaches the smoke-free policy:

  • Assume that person is unaware of the non-smoking policy

  • A committee member or club representative will approach the person breaching the policy and politely ask them to refrain from smoking and remind them about the non-smoking policy  

  • If the offense continues a senior member of staff will intervene

Policy Review:
The policy will be reviewed six months after its introduction and then on an annual basis thereafter by an Executive Committee representative. This will ensure that the policy is sustained, effective and up to date.

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